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PEN works to provide access to the basic needs of vulnerable children, adults and the elderly in the Tshwane community

Since 1992 PEN endeavor to keep up with changes in the city and the needs of the community. Now, 23 years later, PEN aligned itself with the United Nations Millennium Development goals. This called for a restructure of programs with the focus on serving our communities more efficiently.

PEN decentralized it’s three programs, Wholeness, Wellness and Mission Support into 8 themes; Christian Community & Discipleship, Health & Emotional Wellness, Education & Access to Technology, Community Support & Citizens Rights, Enterprise Coaching & Skills Development, Supportive housing and Creative Arts, Music & Recreation. This enable PEN to deliver relevant programs focused on the needs of the community.

Christian Community & Discipleship

At its heart, PEN is a Christian organization journeying with toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly to discover God and assist them to become the community God intended them to be. We aim to grow into disciples of Jesus, but also to grow disciples.

While many of PEN’s projects work to practically demonstrate God’s love for the people by attending to their physical and social needs, there are a number of projects that focus specifically on community members’ spiritual well being. We aim to build an integrated holistic approach in all our projects.

Programs under this theme

Pastoral Care

Pretoria Faith Communities: Arcadia & Sunnyside

Youth Program

OVC (Orphaned & Vulnerable Children)

Education & Access to Technology

Education is a key to changing lives and personal circumstances.
PEN dreams of using this key to open up the future for our youth to access quality education.

Early Childhood Development is a critical focus point to put this key in children’s hands. Support to school-going children, is desperately needed. The global economy has moved firmly into the digital era. Exciting for many; but for those without access to technology, it becomes impossible to participate. In recognition of this, PEN is working to ensure that the children under its care are technology enabled from an early age and that access to technology is provided either for free or at an affordable rate to other community members.

Programs under this theme

Pennies Preschool

Sun Sparrows Preschool

Preschool Forum

Ignite Education Centre

Literacy Programme

Health & Emotional wellbeing

We want to provide comprehensive, high quality, cost effective physical-, social- and emotional healthcare to people living and working within the inner city of Tshwane.

 PEN offers excellent healthcare facilities to its clients through two clinics and a home based care programme. These facilities work to provide quality care within the inner-city of Tshwane with special attention to HIV/AIDS, TB, Primary & minor healthcare and pediatrics.

Many of the people that PEN serve, come from very difficult family and economic circumstances and often have significant social, emotional or economical struggles as a result. These struggles can make it difficult to function well in family, school and work situations. PEN’s team of psychologists, social workers and counselors draw alongside vulnerable community members to enhance their emotional well-being and social adjustment through social and psychotherapeutic services.

Programs under this theme

Sediba Hope Medical Centre

Sediba Hope Community Practice

Psycho Social Program

Community Support & Citizens Rights

In providing community support, PEN journeys with people to discover the Good News of God’s love, through practical support and human dignity.

PEN works to provide access to the basic needs of vulnerable children, adults and the elderly in the Tshwane community in the form of emergency shelter, clothing, food and access to sanitation.

PEN’s work on citizen’s rights is characterized by three objectives:
To ensure that the people that PEN serve have a clear understanding of their basic human rights.
To ensure they have access to the services they are entitled to for example Identity documents, healthcare and grants.
To take an advocacy role for communities whose rights have been abused.

Programs under this theme

Community Centre

Community Outreach

Night Church

Ladies Arise

Winter Shelter

Enterprise Coaching & Skills Development

We want to create transforming enterprise development programs, that will have a sustainable impact in the inner city of Tshwane.

In an effort to restore dignity, PEN’s enterprise coaching and skills development projects, focus on unemployed adults and work to create opportunities that will empower people to become financially independent and able to support their own family unit.

Programs under this theme

Small business support

PEN store

Urban Greening



The Meeting Place

Creative Arts, Music & Recreation

We dream of beautifying the city through unlocking and enabling the gifts of the people of the city.

The projects aim to facilitate people to connect with God and their inner-selves through mediums of art, music and sport.
Healing and the discovery of inner-beauty and potential are outcomes to work towards.

Programs under this theme

Celebration Show

Compassion Centre

Stage Door

Moya Adventures

Supportive Housing

PEN wants to provide permanent, affordable housing linked to low-income youth, disabled and formerly homeless people. We want to assist these groups of people to stay housed and live more independent, healthy and fulfilling lives. Supportive housing is the single most effective, and most cost-efficient, way to reduce homelessness. It strengthens communities and helps integrate people with disabilities and other special needs into the life of their neighborhoods.

Programs under this theme

The Foundation

Foundation Annex

Fleur de Lis

Mission Support

Our dream is to enable and support PEN programs and PEN employees to grow and reach their goals to ignite change, nurture togetherness and heal communities. The support includes Financial Management, HR, Marketing, Maintenance and Vehicle management and IT support.

Programs under this theme


Human Resources Management



Facility & Property Management

Maintenance & Fleet Management

Monitoring & Evaluation

Information, Telephone & Computer support

Growing Tshwane Initiative

At PEN we value partnership and involvement where it supports our vision to truly ignite change, heal communities and nurture togetherness.

125 Steve Biko Road, Sunnyside, 0002

012 323 6688


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