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Never before has our country made a more drastic and costly decision than the current lockdown.
There is only one objective: Save lives by preventing infections through SELF-ISOLATION.

PEN's lockdown action plan

PEN has 2 focus areas:

Protect the homeless

For the pandemic and the lockdown to end, all must self-isolate. This is extremely difficult to achieve for our homeless community who are at risk. The mix of malnutrition, addiction, TB and HIV are a perfect storm for COVID-19 to manifest in the most severe way. These people are scared and more desperate than ever.

support vulnerable children

Our socio-economic context means that usually most little people have very little time with their parent/s. The lockdown brings a beautiful opportunity for families to spend time together.

would you like to take action?

Here is how you can help PEN help those in need:


We have partnered with eBlockwatch, National Security and the Breaze app to enable in-kind donations during the lockdown.  PEN needs clothes, food, blankets, toiletries and cleaning products for the homeless. And if you feel like spring cleaning your toy cupboard, we would love to collect toys, books, puzzles, balls and board games for our young children and youth programmes. The detailed needs list can be found on the Breaze app.

Make a financial contribution

Donate to PEN by depositing directly into PEN’s bank account or through PEN’s online donation processing partner, Loving thy neighbour by clicking the donate button below.  

Name: PEN
Account: 0020 263 385
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: COVID-19