Outreach to people on the street has been given a boost of positive energy thanks to the pilot initiative called “street medicine” and the dedication and willingness of many individuals to be part of it. The street medicine team meets on Mondays at the Compassion Centre in Arcadia, Tuesdays at Burgerspark, Wednesdays in Sunnyside and Thursday’s in Marabastad. The aim of this initiative is to assist those who cannot assist themselves due to mental health issues, substance abuse or other conditions …which lead to homelessness and isolation.
Here is a lovely example of what various ministries within PEN did to help change one life….
At the Compassion Centre is an elderly gentleman who lives on the streets and has spent time in Rivoningo, a care centre for the terminally ill. Nancy and Pastor William at compassion centre noticed that the man was not looking well and arranged for him to be examined by Divan who was the medic on duty for that day at the centre.
Divan asked Nancy to accompany the man to the hospital the following day for x-rays and blood tests. Nancy obliged and the x-ray’s revealed a serious chest infection which was treated immediately at the hospital. The blood results will follow and a treatment plan will be implemented which may include re-admission to Rivoningo for further treatment and care. The patient is being fed E-pap for nourishment during this period.
The co-operation and willingness of all parties at the Compassion Centre to help this man made it possible for him to get medical assistance, which he could not have accessed on his own and would have probably died due to his illness in this very cold season.