One morning on May 2017, another dead foetus, oh wait… baby boy was found on our doorstep at PEN….  It was one of a few baby bodies that found its way to us, but just too late to be saved. 

IMG_9559In the heart of every person at PEN that was confronted with the lifeless little body, we unanimously agreed that this was the last one!  That day a new project was born:  Our Baby Wall program was initiated.  We are calling it: “Baby Z- rescue wall”  because this was the last baby that was lost on our watch. We are implementing a rescue wall in collaboration with partners who has been working with abandoned babies since 2001: New BeginningZ. 

The idea is to create an option for a desperate mother, to not abandon her baby out of desperation, but to know that there are other options. She can place the baby in the rescue-wall and then it will be put up for adoption through New BeginningZ.

How can you get involved and save a little life with us?

* Contributing to the erecting and maintenance of the wall, we need R15000,00.

* Through praying for the care and support of the all the staff involved

  • Through supporting New BeginningZ who cares for the babies afterwards.

A small little life was wasted, but we surely can do something about the next little life!  We invite you to attend the launch of our wall on Mandela Day 18 July.  Should you require any additional information contact