Ok, one thing is certain; the majority of us having access to a smart phone or device are social media users.  But we want to ask your help.  Did you know, the #first1000days is vital to any child’s development when it comes to specifically Education.  PEN’s Early Childhood Development Program (ECD) offers caregivers and aspiring teachers an opportunity to build into their own lives and the lives of thousands of young learners in a valuable way.  Giving them the essential tools to grow and develop optimally to have the much needed academic and developmental head start in school.  So if you are a social media junkie, then we need your help.  We would like to start creating awareness online for Early Childhood Development and need a minute from your day.  This would mean that we would post so from our PEN pages and platforms and ask you to retweet, share and like the living daylights out of our posts.  The word on the street is that there might be a few prizes on the cards as well.  So, if you are up for this challenge, keep your eyes on our channels on Facebook (PENignite), Twitter (@PEN_inc) and Instagram (penpta) from July.  For more information on #first1000days, please send us a DM on the platform of your choice.