Psalm 106:3: “Blessed are those who act justly, who always do what is right.” The implication of this verse keeps me awake many nights.

If I look around me I get very uneasy about the influence the church of Jesus is wielding in our country at the moment. It appears as if “all good people are standing by, doing nothing”, while children, vulnerable women and men are dehumanised daily.

I pray that each one of us, as part of the big family of PEN, finds grace and mercy to “act justly and do what is right” in 2015. That not one of us stands by idly, looking on where people are treated unjustly; may we, as part of the church, be recognised as people who stand up and take ownership of actions that plunges our country in crisis. To find grace to keep on doing good; to keep on standing up for the rights of the poor and the vulnerable. May we get in trouble for the right reasons!

This year our year theme reflects our own efforts to stay in tune with the needs of the people of the city. We want to dance to the Rhythm of God. We want to tune in to the melody of the love of God for every person. We want to join in the song of the love of God for the world.

That means we need to focus on growing as disciples of Jesus and also to grow disciples for Christ. The PEN staff will constantly be reminded to treat every person with dignity and help our beneficiaries and co-staff find his\her purpose in God’s eyes.
We need all the support, wisdom and prayers to be true to the work that we believe God has set out for us to do and in order to accomplish our goals for the year.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Thank you that we can again invite you to journey with us in 2015. May we all find the courage to do what God has called us to do: to build His Kingdom.

Marinda van Niekerk