When we hear: “Frozen”, we might be tempted to think of fairies and brave princes and princesses, taking us all to a dreamworld that exists in a fairy-wonder-land… The reality of winter in the city, is far from a fairy-wonderland. It is a reality of people who are literally frozen and dying on our streets; children going to bed, cold and hungry; elderly people living alone in a flat, with no-one to call when in need of help; women selling their bodies to save themselves and their children from starvation.

Many vulnerable people struggle with mental illnesses and substance abuse, apart from the obvious daily struggles for food and shelter. Their life stories are stories that changed from Fairy-tales to FEAR- tales…… Tales about the fear of dying of hunger or dying of cold or even worse, being attacked or murdered.

We need to think about our ideas that a blanket or a piece of bread will change the reality of the lives of the vulnerable and “let it go” and realise that it will necessitate a deeper giving of ourselves and the things that God blessed us with. Intentional, holistic, long-term strategies are needed to change the reality of thousands in our city from tales of fear to Fairytales. It happens in an organisation like PEN, where every person becomes part of a cycle of growth. This growth plan, includes people who choose to journey with vulnerable people for long periods of time. Journeys that lead to true transformation: spiritual, mental, intellectual, social and personal.

Please help PEN to reach this goal, by contributing to change our fearful tales, to true fairytales. Give yourself and “let it go” towards the transformation of our city.


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