November is a busy month here at PEN, getting everything ready for the annual PEN Sea camp.  Like before, PEN will once again give 110 children a chance to free themselves from their sometimes hurtful circumstances and to be a “child” for 10 days.  To some this will be the first time they will put their feet in the sand.  Sea camp is not just a holiday at the beach, but to some this will be an opportunity to put ointment on their emotional wound and to get “better” again.

During this 10 days they will journey together to understand themselves better and to find their purpose.  Rev. Hendrien van Vliet, manager of the Youth Program says:  “To make our children “whole” again is not an easy job, it takes time, patience and sometimes a few tears to get to understand their worlds.  Only then we can start working to equip them emotionally and spiritually to manage their own challenges”.

Sea Camp 2017 needs your support.  Unfortunately our children’s wellness comes with a price tag and we need every rand and cent.  It costs us nearly R1100 per child, a small amount to give them the necessary attention, counselling, support and freedom to every child.  We need help with treats, towels, toiletries and sunscreen.  Every donation we receive, takes us a few kilometres further to the coast and further along their journey of freedom.  Your heart and hands can change a child’s life this December.  For more information and to get involved with Sea Camp 2017, contact Janthinus Schrage at or 0123236688.  To sponsor a child’s “bettership”, you can make a donation to the following account:

Account Name: PEN
Account Number: 0020 263 385
Branch: 632 005
Ref:  Sea Camp & Initial and Surname

Mail proof of payment to