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is a faith-based organisation that has been working to uplift people living in the inner-city since 1992. Our vision is to partner with those we serve: “To Ignite Change, Nurture Individuals and Heal communities”. We offer a holistic set of services to support people to overcome their current circumstances, restore their dignity and become self supporting, well adapted, responsible members of society.

Welcome to PEN

With a dedicated and committed team, PEN dreams of Igniting change, Healing communities and Nurturing togetherness. 175 full time staff-members, committed to the people who live and work in the city, builds loving relationships with the community which includes children, teens, elderly, parents, students, homeless people, sex workers, drug addicts and every person that cross our path.

How we help

Our dream is to enable and support PEN programs and PEN employees to grow and reach their goals to ignite change, nurture togetherness and heal communities.

Since 1992 PEN endeavor to keep up with changes in the city and the needs of the community. Now, 23 years later, PEN aligned itself with the United Nations Millennium Development goals. This called for a restructure of programs with the focus on serving our communities more efficiently.
PEN decentralized it’s three programs, Wholeness, Wellness and Mission Support into 8 themes; Christian Community & Discipleship, Health & Emotional Wellness, Education & Access to Technology, Community Support & Citizens Rights, Enterprise Coaching & Skills Development, Supportive housing and Creative Arts, Music & Recreation. This enable PEN to deliver relevant programs focused on the needs of the community.
At PEN we value partnership and involvement where it supports our vision to truly ignite change, heal communities and nurture togetherness.

125 Steve Biko Road, Sunnyside, 0002

012 323 6688


Name : PEN Bank : ABSA BANK Account : 0020 263 385 Branch Code : 623005