“I have parents, somewhere” Annie said, she didn’t show any emotion at all. You see, Annie is just one of a number of children that are placed in PEN’s care. Children that are abandoned, abused, neglected or children that ended up on the streets of Pretoria. We have a heart for our children and believe that God has a special plan for each and every one of them.

They too will end up being doctors, teachers and contributing members of society. The harsh reality is that we only receive R870 per child from the Government as a child support grant. Looking at this amount, you can’t even think that it might cover their food for the month; it does not even cover their accommodation, their healthcare, school materials they might need or toiletries. Since our children access schools in Pretoria free of charge (because they are part of PEN’s OVC program), we still have to sort their school uniforms, stationery and additional study material and not even to mention the school’s education field trips.

Why am I rambling on about this you might ask? The reality is that the R870 we receive from Government is just a drop in the proverbial bucket. PEN’s vision is to serve our communities through quality services enabling them to live sustainable lives, but alas, we cannot serve dignity to our children with only R870 per month! How is that even possible? We urgently need you and in some cases resources you can spare. Can you help take our children’s future in our hands? Can we share the OVC load with you in some way? This might mean, that you bless them with clothes, bless them with costs for that school field trip, blessing them through ‘things’ that PEN otherwise would’ve bought to keep our children alive and well. We need you to dream with us and take hands and share a few Rand. Can you do it? Please contact Tshepiso Nkosi at 012 323 6688 if you can help.

by Janthinus Schrage