Once you step out into the street, garden or sidewalk, the morning-chill almost gives you a cold bite. To some of us, winter is a time for tasty soup, scarfs and snug bedding. However, for thousands of others in our city, winter is a different reality. Add to this reality hungry children and this already promises to be a very cold, harsh and unfriendly time of year for them.
The ‘Winterhoop’ campaign will this year, see its 12th year running. From June the 1st to the 20th, “Winterhoop” aims to collect blankets, warm clothes and non-perishable food. This campaign was started by PEN in Pretoria and MES in Johannesburg in collaboration with various organisations, social groups and congregations, nationally.
During this time, all collections will be handed out to those in need and filtered down to other social organisations, shelters and partners serving the needy and destitute of our cities countrywide. During “Winterhoop 2014” thousands of blankets and clothes were collected and this year we aim to play an effective role yet again.
Donate a blanket or two. How about some of your old, yet decent clothes? Or non-perishable food perhaps? Your contribution can bring hope this winter!
For more information on getting involved or where to drop your donations to the “Winterhoop” campaign, contact Janthinus 012 323 6688 or thinus@pen.org.za.