It’s cold and I keep rubbing my hands together to get warmer.  Walking out of the apartment building’s shade I find myself in the sun and immediately the warmth put my tense body at ease.  Tucking at my jacket I walk down Vos street in Sunnyside, and I can’t help wondering how people that live on the sidewalks keep warm when the cold has a nasty way of engulfing your whole body.  Arriving at House Bethesda, you immediately get a sense that this is a place of warmth in this cold winter.  Bethesda is a beacon of light to our vulnerable communities.  It’s a place for people to sleep, have their own locker and get an opportunity to work with the social worker in order to get a job.  Winterhoop is one of those campaigns where we try to assist, helping the vulnerable to deal with Winter better.  When you have a moment, please visit the Winterhoop website at and see how you can get involved or give PEN a call and have a chat with us at 0123236688.

Winterhoop Poster Eng 2017