Michael Makovere

Michael Makovere — Sediba Hope Medical Centre

Success story of Mike from Sediba Hope Medical Centre

Michael Makovere is originally from Zimbabwe. He fled to South Africa more than five years ago due to the political unrest the country faced and still faces. Now, sitting in his office at Sediba Hope Medical Centre in the Pretoria CBD, you would never imagine that he was homeless at one stage in his life. He tells his story with so much pride.

“I came to South Africa and got my papers, they were temporary papers, and when I finally arrived, I had no where to stay, so I started living on the street. When you are so desperate to get out of a bad situation, you don’t necessarily think of what will happen when you get to a better place. So I landed up on the street,” Michael said, “but only for a while,” he added with a grin. Michael got in touch with PEN (Participate Empower Navigate) and was hired to do a very basic job; opening and closing the gate of Sediba Hope Medical Centre.

It was a small start, but today, five years later, he is second in charge of the Sediba Hope Medical Centre and makes sure that all the plans for the Centre becomes reality. “I have always had a goal, I don’t give up and I believe you can make a success of everything you try. I believe in myself and believing is not just believing in yourself but in something higher and bigger. I think God wants me here,” Michael said with a smile. He remembers the days of struggling to get work in Zimbabwe and the everyday struggle of getting food while living on the street. “Those days were really bad, but the day I met PEN I was given a second chance at life.

I love my job now and I love telling people my story and making them realize that you are never nothing and useless – that you and your dreams always count.” Michael still goes and visits his family in Zimbabwe although it is getting harder and harder to say goodbye to his 94-year old mother. “PEN is my family, we became family very fast,” he said. “I am so happy that I can now give my children and grandchildren the live they deserve – a life better than mine was. All thanks to God and my family at PEN.”